Organic Crackers with Olives


BioItalia was founded in 1994 by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive business experience in food industry. Combining their aspirations in organic industry, they have managed to develop successful business with worldwide sales.

Their products are derived from Mediterranean diet, combining tastes of different regions. Their high quality is due to state-of-art industrial technologies combined with organic farming, and they are entirely “Made in Italy”, all being the reason for the successful sales in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Product description

Bioitalia organic crackers have simple and uniquely traditional taste. They are prepared with wheat flour, Bioitalia organic cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and sourdough. Organic ingredients and carefully prepared dough left for 24 hours to set in give to Bioitalia organic crackers wonderful taste.

The crackers are packed in single portion biodegradable bags: one more warranty for environmental safeguard in accordance with Bioitalia values.
Bioitalia crackers are tasty snacks that can accompany any dish as a substitute for bread. Bioitalia crackers go well with cold meats, cheese, Bioitalia vegetable spreads and Bioitalia vegetable in oil.


Organic wheat flour, organic extra virgin olive oil (8%), organic sourdough, salt.

Manufacturer and packaging

BioItalia, Italy. Packaging 40 g. Country of origin: Italy.


Farm-to-fork system of control

To be able to guarantee the safest organic foods to its customers, BioItalia chose special system of control, so called farm to fork, designed to execute control over product origin in each and every phase of production.

Certified Organic Chain (UNI EN ISO 22005)
This represents closed system of independent producers united in production of a product, covering the whole process from the field to the table. The Chain guarantees all the products to be produced within the chain, deciding the quality of final product.

Chain leader (BioItalia) is responsible for choice of farms producing raw materials, for production and storage of the raw materials and final products, and control over production process from raw material to final product.

Certified Organic Chain covers:


Production company

Packaging company

Distributing company

Certificates of BioItalia:

  • Certificato Bio (Europa-canada-usa) 834-2007
  • Certificazione-Bio-Giappone/JAS
  • Certificato Bio Brasile – SISORG eng
  • Certificato ISO22005 – filiera Olio
  • Certificato ISO22005 – filiera Pomodoro
  • Certificato ISO22005 – filiera Pasta
  • Certificazione religiosa Kosher
  • Certificato Bioitalia (Europa-Canada-Usa)
  • Certificato Bio Brasile – SISORG pt
  • Certificato Bio (Europa – Canada – Usa) materbio



40 gr.